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Details Column

SportThe Details column gives you quick access to important information for each game. When there is information available, you will see a letter in the Details column that represents the information:

  • D - Miscellaneous details about the game.

  • I - All injuries for both teams. Games with new information will have 'I+'.

  • W - Weather information

  • T - TV listings. For quick access, the TV listings will be displayed in a small window if you place your mouse over the 'T'.

  • L - Lineups for both teams. For hockey games, a 'G' will be displayed when the starting goalies are listed.

  • O - Officials for the game. For baseball, a 'U' will be displayed for umpires.

  • B - Final boxscore for the game.

  • N - All Critical Notices sent for the game.

When you place your mouse over any of the letters in the Details column, you will see the time-stamp of the last information that was entered.

Note: You can also access all of the available information for games by right-clicking on any game and making your selection from the popup menu.

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