Getting started with Don Best Screens
Live Odds

With live odds from over 40 sportsbooks, you will always know where and when to find the best line. All successful bettors follow 2 basic line movement strategies:

  1. Shopping for the best odds - Even if you have just a couple of betting accounts, shopping for the best line is key to increasing your bottom line. With Don Best you don't have to waste valuable time logging into multiple accounts to find the best line - just look at your Don Best screen, find the best number and make your play.

  2. Following line movement trends - What the majority of recreational players do not realize is that when you make your plays can affect your bottom line. With access to live odds from 40 sportsbooks, you can see if lines are 'trending' up or down, and make your plays accordingly. For example, if you want to play the favorite on a game, and most of the sportsbooks on the Don Best screen have the same odds, you can wait to see if lines start to creep up or down. If you see the lines start to move up, you can immediately make your play. However, if the line is starting to move down, you can wait to see how low it goes before you make your play

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