Quickstart User Guide
Get up and running fast!

It is easy to get up and running with Don Best Screen, you just need to click on the Login link, enter your username and password and click Login. Within a minute you will see the Don Best Screen program start and will be on your way. Below are a few quick-start tips to help you get going.

Check Java Status
The Don Best Screen utilizes Java Web Start technology, so for optimal performance, you should make sure you have the latest Java files on your computer. If you aren't sure if you have the correct files, just click here to check.

Security Warnings
Depending on your configuration, you may see various warnings (see image below). Make sure you answer affirmative ('Yes' or 'Run') to all messages.

Note: To bypass this warning in the future, click the 'Always trust content from this publisher' checkbox.

Login Window
After any security warnings, the Login window will be displayed:

Enter your username and password and click the 'Login' button.
Note: If you want the Don Best Screen to remember your login information, click the 'Save Username' and/or 'Save Password' checkbox(es). You can bypass this step by clicking the 'Automatically login on start' checkbox.

Odds Window
Once your information is validated, the Odds Window will open, and the odds will be displayed. Depending on your setup, the Odds Window will look similar to this:

Line Changes
As the odds change for each event, the changes will be highlighted on the Odds Window. You can change the highlight colors using the Line-change Color Setup. You can remove the highlights by clicking on one of the 'Clear' button on the toolbar.

View Different Sports
To view odds for different sports, just click on the Tab for the sport you want to view. On your first login, you will see Tabs for:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Other

You can change the order and select more Tabs with the Tab Setup. You can also create custom Tabs using the MyView Setup.

Learn More!
You can learn more about commonly used Don Best Screen features and function from our User Guide.

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