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SportsOptions Setup Menu

You can customize your SportsOptions to fit your exact needs. To modify any of your settings, click the Setup menu and make your selection. Some of the options available on the Setup menu are:

  • Font - Set your font size and style.

  • Columns - Select and order the sportsbooks you want displayed on your odds window. You can also modify your opening lines, score and details columns.

  • Tabs - SportsOptions uses Tabs to display the games for each sport. You can select and order which Tabs are displayed on your odds screen.

  • Line-change colors - Select the color used to highlight new line-changes and set how long the changes are highlighted. With SportsOptions you can have up to 3 line-change colors per update.

  • Sounds and Alerts - Select what sounds and popup alerts you want to use for line-changes, Critical Notices, Finals, etc.

  • Shortcut keys - Configure shortcut keys to make your SportsOptions screen function to your needs.

  • Key Moves - Key Moves are big line movements, indicating a large amount of betting on a game. You can set your Key Move alert settings to your own criteria so that you only receive the alerts you want.

  • Odds Watch - If you are waiting for a specific line on a game, you can enter an Odds Watch and you will be alerted when the line is available.

  • Middle Alert - Set your parameters to be alerted to middle or scalping opportunities.

  • Halftime - Configure your halftime options, such as: stats popup, timer countdown and audio alerts.

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