Features and Tips
Help with the Details Column

The Details column on the Odds Screen contains links to information related to each game. Click on any of the letters in the Details column to view the related information:

D Details about the game.

I Injuries for both teams. If injury information has been updated on the current day, you will see an I with a plus sign (I+).

W Weather for the game.

T Television listings for the game. If you mouse over the T, the listings will be displayed in a tool-tip window.

L Lineups for the game. An R will be displayed if there has been a revised lineup.

U or O Umpires or officials for the game.

B Boxscore for the game.

N Notices sent for the game.

When you place your mouse over any of the links in the Details column you will see the date and time of the last update for that information.

Note: Details column links will only be displayed if there is information for the specific link.

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