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Key Move Alerts

Key Moves alerts are triggered when there is a large number of bets or money placed on an event in very short period of time. A Key Move is often an indication that a professional gambler or group has made a play on that event.

You can set the criteria for the Key Moves in the Key Move setup. To get started, click on the "Setup" menu and select "Key Moves" this will open the Key Move Setup:

  1. To use the same settings for all sports, select "All Sports" in the Sports section.
    1. To use individual settings for a sport or sports group, make your selection in the Sports section. Note: Sports with individual settings will be listed in bold.
  2. Select the sportsbooks you want to use. To add a sportsbooks, click on the sportsbook and then click the "<-- Add" button. You can also double-click on a sportsbook to add it. Note: The more sportsbooks you select, the better your chance of receiving an early Key Move alert. However, note that some sportsbook use the same line, which could give you a false alert.
  3. Select the number of sportsbooks to move and the time frame for the moves to trigger an alert. To eliminate multiple alerts for the same move, use "Do not repeat alert.." option. Note: Increasing the number of sportsbooks to move will decrease the number of alerts you receive. Increasing the time for the moves will increase the number of alerts you receive.
  4. Set the minimum line move settings. Use these settings to set the number of points or cents that a line must move to trigger an alert. Note: Lower minimum point settings will increase the number of alerts.
  5. To receive alerts on in-game lines, check the "Include in-game lines" checkbox.
  6. Click the "Apply" or "Save" button to save your settings.

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