Features and Tips
Setting up Odds Watch

Odds Watch alerts are used to notify you when a specific line is available on an event.

To get started, click on the "Setup" menu and select "Odds Watch" this will open the Odds Watch List:

Any watches you have added will be displayed in this window.

Note: You can also open the Odds Watch setup by right-clicking on an event and selecting "Odds Watch". The event you right-click will automatically be selected in the Odds Watch setup.

Before you can add an Odds Watch, you need to setup the sportsbooks that you want to monitor:

  1. Click the "Setup Sportsbooks" button. This will open the Select Sportsbooks window:

  2. From the "Available Sportsbooks" section, click a sportsbook you want to add.
  3. Click the "<-- Add" button. You can also double-click on the sportsbook to add it.
  4. Repeat for each sportsbook you want to add.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

You can now add an Odds Watch:

  1. 1.On the Odds Watch List, click the "Add New Watch" button. This will open the Setup Odds Watch window:

  2. Select the game you want to add an Odds Watch for.
  3. Select the line-type for the watch.
  4. Enter the line you want to be alerted to. You can enter a watch for both the side and total of the event.
  5. Click the "Apply" button to add the watch, but keep the setup window open. Click the "Save" button to save the watch and close the setup window.

To remove or edit a watch, go the Odds Watch List window, select the watch you want to modify and click the "Edit" or "Delete" button.

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